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Refund and Guarantee Policy

Learn about refunds, chargebacks, and our guarantee

Refund and Guarantee Policy

I strive to provide excellent, competent cosmetological services. However, no one is perfect, and everyone can't be pleased all the time.

If you are not happy with your hair services for any reason, I'll make it right within 7 days of your original service appointment, free of charge. My primary goal is to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your beauty investment.

If I can't make it right, I'll refund you my cost for the service(s) you were displeased about, less any product cost, processing charges, deposit/retainer, and admin fees.

Credit card chargebacks for services rendered is considered theft of services fraud, and is a Class D felony in the State of Tennessee (TCA § 39-13-104). Please contact 865-237-4204 to discuss your visit and potential remedies before you dispute to avoid legal ramifications.

All other services provided through ColorWorkz Hair + Healing are ineligible for refunds.

By booking online any of the services listed, you accept and agree to these terms.

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